SCAMPER is a way to get new ideas that we can develop with structural minded so we are not going to get lost on our idea generation. people often find it difficult to have a new idea with just an open mind. therefore, we can use SCAMPER as the tol to reach our goal which is to get a new idea.

SCAMPER itself can be explained with Path (social media ) as example :

S : Substitute

Substitute ability to post what music or movie we are watching and listening with multi person activity chat and conference activity, thus, it will be more exciting to be inside that social media

C : Combine

Combine the use of activities and friends list to automatically tag people that we are desire for them to know what we are doing directly

A : Adapt

Since this social media are intended especially for smart phone, the ability to do activities through the ordinary computer should be considered so it can be more social as it is intended to be

M : Magnify

The use of path social media can be magnified by enable to do actic=vities throughout the computer, not limited only for smartphone. and also expand the friends limitation, not only 150 people.

P : put it on other use

the use of “is watching ‘some movie'” can be used as a tools to watch the trailer of the films

E : Eliminate ( or minify )

Eliminate how many people that already see our post, its just lead us to narcissism

R : Rearrange (or reverse )

friends limitation should be expand and the ability to run it through computer should be considered


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