A new Perspective of Communication through Facebook



            Since the world are created with people inside the circumstance, communication between the living things, especially human, are already occurred since the very beginning, communication are one of the most important things for all of people’s life, without communication, there no world like what we have seen like today. Therefore, because of the importance of communication itself, the way people communicate and sharing with each other are always evolve from time to time. In this case, facebook, the biggest social media that are happening now are gradually changing the face of the world communication and sharing. The innovation of facebook is stunning, and the innovation is stated below :


  • Innovation on technology

Facebook changing the way people communicate by making things easier to be seen, distance are not a boundaries for this social media, as we can be friends with anyone we know, and it doesn’t matter where they are as long as they got internet.  We can directly chat with them, see their photos and share a moment. Facebook can also be the place to start a new thing like business promotion, event promotion, and other things that related to communication matters. And all of this function we can enjoy with only  an internet connection.


  • Innovation on process


The process that are happening in facebook company is very busy and big, it can be said that facebook are dealing with all of the users around the world, their business mindset are very general and all people from around the world can accept their approach in a good way and becoming a trend in communication and sharing matters.


  • Innovation on product or service

With facebook, time and efficiency on how people do their business and creating and event are hugely different compare to some conventional way, it may take only a minute to create a page that can be seen by many people. And the amazing things about this social media, we can use it for free throughout the world.


  • Innovation on business model

The owner of facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is a young man who never dream that this kind of social media can exist in the first time, facebook have a very youthful business model as they do not make hierarchy on the company very strict, they are open minded, the company itself has very innovative office that makes the employee enjoying their work while thinking for a new idea.


  • Reccomendation and prediction

As the way of communication are already changing these days, with facebook as the major part in this kind of change, facebook are becoming a trend on how people communicate, so, if facebook inventing anew way of communication for people, it is almost certain that all people around the world may easily accept what facebook will done for the future, and by looking on how people like facebook very much, it is because its very fast and efficient.



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